Classical North Indian temple and court music of the Dagar tradition
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  • Books on Dhrupad

    Efforts to notate and publish Dhrupad compositions started in the 19th Century when printing came to India. Dhrupad singers tried to notate and preserve compositions - the fixed repertoire of Dhrupad that encapsulated the musical knowledge and wisdom of many generations of Dhrupadiyas.

  • Pakhāvaj Accompaniment With Aṅgs

    Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar would often praise the accompaniment of pakhāvaj players like the famed Ayodhya Prasad and Govindrao Burhanpurkar with his father that he heard in his youth.

  • The Search for Published and Unpublished Works on Dhrupad

    Before the age of mass printing, singers had attempted to notate and keep their repertoire of compositions from being forgotten or distorted.

  • The Fundamental Concepts of Dhrupad

    The decline of Dhrupad during the last two centuries coincides with a paradigm shift in Indian music, in which it came to be accepted that music must primarily entertain. This is a concept that reigns supreme in India today, precludes any attempts to revive or even initiate a serious study of Dhrupad.

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