Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay. second son of Anantalal Bandopadhyay of Vishnupur, was a renowned singer of dhrupad and court singer of the Maharaja of Burdwan. He performed and received high honours at the 3rd All-India Conferences of 1919 at Varanasi and the 4th All-India Conference of 1925 at Lucknow and also at the All-India and Allahabad University Conferences of the 1930's.

He taught many students and is known for his many books on music including the Sangeet Chandrika (1909) which has many notated compositions of his tradition as also some of his own. He was editor of the renowned Bengali music journal Sangeet Vigyan Praveshika which had been started in 1924 by Radhika Prasad Goswami and continued till the late 1950's through the efforts of Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay, Birendra Kishore Roychowdhury and others.

For more on Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay and other musicians of his time with rare photographs see book Dhrupad of the Dagars, Conceptual Foundations and Contemporary Questions