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Near the end of their second year of training - students of Ashish Sankrityayan at the Dhrupad Kendra sing at the 'Ragas on Canvas' Exhibition at The National Academy of Art Delhi (August 2013)

Dhrupad Kendra is an institution established by the Madhya Pradesh Govt. in 1981 for imparting Dhrupad training in the traditional Guru Shishya system to students who aspire to become professional Dhrupad singers and teachers.

The Dhrupad Kendra is a residential institution and the Guru and the students live at the institute.

A center of excellence, the Kendra has attracted many visiting students from around the world.

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Dhrupad Kendra, Institution for Training Dhrupad Vocalists







At present the Director and Guru of the Dhrupad Kendra is internationally renowned Dagar vani dhrupad vocalist Ashish Sankrityayan.

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First Year Students of the Dhrupad Kendra at the Tansen Festival 2012






Students are admitted at the Dhrupad Kendra in two categories

1) Regular full time students - Students in this category study full time to become professional Dhrupad singers. Free accommodation is provided to these students at the Kendra. Such students are normally admitted to the Kendra in batches for the duration of four years and are financially supported by a scholarship. Exceptionally meritorious students who do not meet the age, residence, citizenship and other criteria can also sometimes be admitted in this category on a non-scholarship basis.

2) Visiting Students

There is a special category for visiting students who wish to come for a few weeks or months to experience the intensive traditional gurukul system of learning. The fee in this category is Rs 2000 (25 euros) per day including tuition, accommodation in individual room and meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, bottled water). Visiting students are taught according to their individual needs and level of prior preparation. Visiting students can join some or all of the teaching and practice sessions of the regular students depending on their level of prior preparation. Visiting students can join at any time and are taught with the regular students and also separately if required.








The regular training program for full time students aspiring to become professional singers is very rigorous and demanding and requires the student to stay at the Kendra. Training starts at 4 am every morning and every student is required to attend all the training and practice sessions. There are periodical reviews of progress. Successful completion of the training program requires a very high level of motivation.








Training Session with First Year Students in Raga Yaman September 2012